Italians do it better…sometimes!

matì e dadà

matì e dadàNo, please. Don’t call me “fanatic” if you are not Italian. And don’t go smiling in front of a mirror if you are Italian.

I’m not going to talk about sex, not going to talk about soccer, or making some standings. I’m going to talk about art. About teaching art to children.

Maybe some of you is just thinking about clicking “Ctrl + t” and browsing somewhere else. But wait a minute and read.

Art teaching has been a part of our lives. Our, because I suppose net-surfers visiting our blog are especially art lovers. So you should understand what I mean.

Finding joy in art’s interaction is a remedy for a poor of emotions life, and first of all an ancestral feeling that we need to follow.

But why Italians do it better? Here’s an example that gives us the chance to focus on the prominence of the arts in the cultural development of people. It’s something we really want to promote.

We are glad to introduce “Rai Yo Yo”, one of the specialty channel for children owned by RAI (Radio televisione Italiana), the italian broadcasting public company.

Not a commercial! Spend few minutes watching the tv-show called “L’arte con Matì e Dadà”. Better with your children (if you have some) or young brothers and sisters.

Little eyes will be easily fascinated by the great creativity of genius like Van Gogh, Pollock, Kandinsky, Toulouse Lautrec or Bruegel.

Your children will meet Matì, the girl with a red hat, and follow her in the adventure she lives with her funny friend Dadà.

Ok, Italians do it better sounds provocative. Let’s say: “Italians do it good!”

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One thought on “Italians do it better…sometimes!

  1. WOW! Thank you for your amazing review of L’arte con Matì e Dadà the first cartoon on art for kids. Art With Mati and Dada is available in Italian and in English. English episodes are distributed on Discovery Education till now and new channels will be added in then next months.

    We do our best to create inspiring cartoons for kids with a special care for rigourous and entertaining contents. Hope you don’t mind if I share here in your blog the link to Matì & Dadà’s blog:

    You can find more information about our project and verify the care we put in making art become affordable to kids.



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