Exploring London – On The Hunt For Rubens

One week before Christmas and it is time to leave the office and beta-test the new ArtGuru app. And where else would we start than at the National Gallery in London? So off we went to find probably one of the oldest beauty contests known: The Judgement of Paris by Peter Paul Rubens.


The Judgement of Paris is part of the Greek mythology and is known for one of the events leading up to the Trojan War. Rubens depicted various scenes and two of them are currently exhibited at the National Gallery. And we tested ArtGuru on one of them. Instantly the app showed us the artist and the name of the painting. We were able to save it in our personal gallery and to share it with others. You can start your very own mobile Rubens collection without the hassle of finding enough wall space in your flat.

And in future, if you can’t get enough of Rubens, ArtGuru can send you suggestions on where to see him next. For example at the coming blockbuster exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in January 2015: Rubens and His Legacy: Van Dyck to Cézanne, where you can view other artists associated with Rubens. No more of the “Oh, I wished I would have gone there” feelings.

Remember, we have still some spaces left for you to get out there in London and beta-test ArtGuru yourself. Just drop us an email to info@artguru.me and you will receive an invitation. The app only works on iOS7 devices so far, but keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook pages for any further developments.

We are off for now, hunting down the missing scenes of the Judgement of Paris. But be sure to have a look next week to find out where we went to look at art differently.



ArtGuru is having fun with Google Glass in Barcelona..and you?


Wow, this is really an exciting week for the ArtGuru staff! We’ve been invited by UCL Decide to be part of a huge exhibition, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and our presence at the world’s greatest mobile event (started yesterday) have put a lot of wheels on motion: press relationships, demos, new features.

As you can imagine, there’s much to do in preparation, but something we’re really excited about is that the Google Glass version of ArtGuru is officially in the works.

That’s right! We managed to get our hands on the mythical Glass, and that means that very soon you’ll be able to enjoy the ArtGuru experience through your own eyes, without even having to take out your smartphone.

The specifics are all in development right now (Cristian Civera, our CTO, is currently working on it in a secret location), but what we can already promise you is that it’s going to be something like you’ve never seen before.

If the gap between the traditional audioguide and ArtGuru app was impressive, ArtGuru Glass will blow your mind. It changes from something that’s between you and the art to something beyond it: it’s truly augmented reality.

We can’t tell you more right now, but we can say this: there’s never been a better way for life to imitate art.

Keep following us for updates, and see you in Barcelona!

Breaking: ArtGuru at Mobile World Congress 2014

Every year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world gather in Barcelona, Spain to present and discuss the cutting edge of mobile technology at the Mobile World Congress.

“Creating what’s next”. That’s what we are talking about! And this edition of the MWC (24/27 February 2014) seems to be very interesting! Among the keynote speakers, there are the likes of Mark Zuckerberg (Founder and CEO Facebook) and Virginia Rometty (Chairman, President and CEO IBM).

Mobile World Congress - Barcelona

But they won’t be the only creative minds you can meet in Barcelona next week. We are extremely excited to announce that ArtGuru has been invited by UCL Decide to participate to Mobile World Congress 2014. We will have a 10-minute slot to present our app to those present, and it will be crazy.

So, keep your eyes on this space as the story develops.

We might be unveiling some HUGE news, so stay tuned!

ArtGuru, big in London! Visiting a museum has never been so amazing!

Marco De Santis at DECIDE Sprint in London

It doesn’t happen every day to get in touch with so many people interested in what you’re doing. And it doesn’t happen every day to get the chance to explain what you’re doing and see the light you want to see in the eyes you are in front of.

Something similar happened last Saturday in the IDEALondon offices. Something very useful to show to a hundred of students of the UCL (University College London) how is possible to conceive a new approach to art.

I’m talking about the innovative approach of ArtGuru, the museum guide re-invented that you can easily install on your smartphone. It is an app that empowers phones & tablets with image recognition technology, which isArtGuru in London capable of recognizing the painting you’re looking at just pointing your smartphone. Last saturday Marco and Cristian, founders of Veezeon Ltd. (the company that created ArtGuru) showed their app during the “DECIDE Sprint” held in London. With other members of the ArtGuru team, Stefano and Antimo, the two inventors of this stylish product pitched it to an enthusiastic crowd.

So the students fully understood how amazing can be visiting a museum with ArtGuru, just using their fingers and pointing the smartphone in front of paintings. And to enhance the experience it has been re-created a small “museum” so people has been able to explore and discover, using ArtGuru – IDEALondon special edition.

Marco De Santis at DECIDE Sprint in LondonMarco and Cristian told the audience that Veezeon Ltd. has been also nominated as one of the 5 best startups attending to that event and showed how handling their “creature”. Now it’s your turn! The Louvre Edition is available on the AppStore, worldwide, with a totally renewed user interface. And it’s still free! Just point your iOS device to http://artguru.me/iOS in order to get it!

David Hockney, i-Pad art for staying young at 76 years old

pop artA talent like David Hockney is difficult to contain in a canvas. He’s the only person able to do it, as he demonstrated since his name began to circulate in the 60’s, in the “right” art environment.

To say that Hockney is one of the most important British artists of the recent decades often happens after reading books on the history of art written around the world.

Over the years Hockney’s works can’t be considered just a simple repetition of his abilities and I think that this feature represents an inestimable value of the works of this artist.

It is not a painter who in 2013 decided to chew and recirculate his “historical” material. He comes to terms with the present media. He picks up an I-pad at 76 years and creates something new.

And why talking about him? Because this elderly pioneer who keeps alive the youthful curiosity at the end of october opened an exhibition at the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

It is a collection of about 150 works created by the artist just using the I-pad. An exercise of “fingerpainting” carried out from 1999 to today, through portraits and landscapes.

The application used by Hockney, created by Apple software engineer Steve Sprang, is called “Brushes”, and has been already explored and dissected by many artists, illustrators and graphic artists.

But under the expert hands of David Hockney something special came out. Something I’m very happy to see. And maybe you, too! Well, you want to stay young by loving art? Take old talents as example!