Exploring London – On The Hunt For Rubens

One week before Christmas and it is time to leave the office and beta-test the new ArtGuru app. And where else would we start than at the National Gallery in London? So off we went to find probably one of the oldest beauty contests known: The Judgement of Paris by Peter Paul Rubens.


The Judgement of Paris is part of the Greek mythology and is known for one of the events leading up to the Trojan War. Rubens depicted various scenes and two of them are currently exhibited at the National Gallery. And we tested ArtGuru on one of them. Instantly the app showed us the artist and the name of the painting. We were able to save it in our personal gallery and to share it with others. You can start your very own mobile Rubens collection without the hassle of finding enough wall space in your flat.

And in future, if you can’t get enough of Rubens, ArtGuru can send you suggestions on where to see him next. For example at the coming blockbuster exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in January 2015: Rubens and His Legacy: Van Dyck to Cézanne, where you can view other artists associated with Rubens. No more of the “Oh, I wished I would have gone there” feelings.

Remember, we have still some spaces left for you to get out there in London and beta-test ArtGuru yourself. Just drop us an email to info@artguru.me and you will receive an invitation. The app only works on iOS7 devices so far, but keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook pages for any further developments.

We are off for now, hunting down the missing scenes of the Judgement of Paris. But be sure to have a look next week to find out where we went to look at art differently.