ArtGuru – Chagall & The Bible, the quickest delivery ever

_MG_0004If you’re in Milan you should definitely spend 1 hour of your time visiting Chagall & The Bible, hosted by Museo Diocesano; this museum is one of the little gems in Milan, it’s a place you shouldn’t miss, especially if you find sacred art inspiring to you and your soul.

“The exhibition will give you the chance to appreciate 60 pieces the artist dedicated to his relationship with the Bible, among paintings, gouaches, etchings, sculptures and ceramics” said Maria Elena Colombo, digital media curator for the Museum. “More in detail, we’ll show 22 previously unseen gouaches, distinguished by freshness and outrightness of the stroke.”

As ArtGuru, we had the privilege of working with the amazing people of the Museum, and thanks to their professional skills and motivations, all together we were able to deliver ArtGuru – Chagall & The Bible in just seven days, ready and rocking for the grand opening of this mainstream exhibition.

Maria Elena Colombo, was directly involved in the building process of their ArtGuru and, given her invaluable experience on the field, we welcomed the chance of
gathering her impressions on the overall project.

“The approach with ArtGuru was really friendly: during the project we realized that we needed to execute some tests in order to comprehend the coherence of the app with the artworks and the overall exhibition.”

_MG_0017Anyway, technology seems to be the way to go for museums: “Technology is part of everyday’s life, excluding museums from using that, would be wrong; technology is the way to remain connected with the present. A museum should be able to deal with changes happening every day”.

You can tell it also looking at Museo Diocesano presence on a number of Social Media (check it out at the end of the page): “their usage are definitely changing the internal processes of the organization: digital is real, and involves every role in the museum”.

Chagall and the Bible exhibition started on 17th of September 2014 and will be on until next 1st of February 2015.

Museo Diocesano di Milano

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