Cat Art Show in Los Angeles…when artists “sharpen” paintbrushes!


catsFelix the cat, Fritz the cat, Top Cat, Garfield, Tom, The Booted Cat…and so on. Literature, comics and tv series are full of famous cats. I’ve just listed some of them, but there are many others. And all treated as protagonists of the stories they are in. Think to the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival if you need more elements to think about it.

But what about cats becoming art models? What about Cat Art Show? It happens in Los Angeles. Well.. it will happen in Los Angeles (6205 Santa Monica Blvd), on January 25th 2014. From that day over 50 globally recognized artists will try to figure out how felines and canvas can find a way to become friends.

And if we have to judge by the names of the artists there’s no doubt the event is very fascinating. Here’s the list of the partecipants to Cat Art Show 2014: Alan Aldridge, Anita Kunz, Antony Micallef, Bovey Lee, Brandon Boyd, Britt Ehringer, Buff Monster, Christian Guémy (C215),Charlotte Dumas, Christian Furr, Clayton Brothers, Dana Veraldi, Daniel Maidman, Diane Hoeptner, FAILE, Fedele Spadafora, Frank Stefanko, Gary Baseman, Guy Denning, Heather Mattoon, HUSH, Ingrid Allen, Jamie Fales, Jenny Parks, Jonathan Gent, Jonathan Yeo, Joshua Petker, JOW, Justin Bower, Justin Mortimer, Katherine Streeter, Kathleen Melian, Ken Solomon, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kimberly Brooks, Langley Fox, Larissa Bates, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, Liz Markus, Luke Chueh, Ly Quan, Marc Dennis, Marion Peck, Martin Eder, Mattia Biagi, Melinda Lerner, Mercedes Helnwein, Misako Inaoka, Michael Wolf, Natalia Fabia, Nicholas Chistiakov, Nicholas Bowers, Noel Fielding, Paul Sahre, Rachel Schlueter, Ray Caesar, Rebecca Urias, Rob Reger, Robert Standish, Ryan Metke, Sage Vaughn, Scott Stulen, Steve Schapiro, Tim Biskup, Tracey Emin, Vera Iliatova.

The idea of the curator of this exhibition is Susan Michals (co-curator is Daniel Salin, who produced Banksy’s 2006 Barely Legal show in Los Angeles, as well as numerous shows with globally recognized artists like VHILS, JR, Antony Micallef, FAILE, and Mr. Brainwash). Her goal is to give birth to a contemporary examination of the psychology, inspiration, and physical impact of cats in our lives. Felines are not only part of a family but also muse and inspiration for many people who expresses talent through art.

Even in the past, brilliant minds as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Pablo Picasso generated masterpieces centered around the figure of the cat, using them not only for showing elegance or malice or other features. A cat is always considered a symbol of independence, curiosity, mistery. We don’t have to forget that in Egypt cats were treated like royalty and were always given special privileges.

But if you want to go deepen, just wait for a while and see what will happen in some weeks in Los “Cat” Angeles!

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, when art goes back to the future!

George Lucas“A kind of museum that the all family can enjoy”. It is the crucial part of the speech of George Lucas had in San Francisco some weeks ago to introduce The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum. What is? In the official web site we read: “A Story of Art to Educate and Inspire”. We add that it really seems to be another great move by the 69 years old inventor of the Star Wars saga.

The american filmaker has proposed for San Francisco’s Presidio National Park, a new dazzling idea destined to children of all ages. And a very good example of how getting in touch with art and creativity without barriers or distances between younger and older needings.

But let’s read more about it: “The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum will be a first-of-its kind institution, designed to serve as the country’’s premiere venue for understanding connections and lineage of illustrative and visual art. Conceived by George Lucas, the museum is based in the filmmaker’s passion for education and the role art can play in inspiring young people”.

So children, families, schools and scholars represent the core of this project. A fantastic environment characterized by the talent of artists like N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, and Norman Rockwell, and the skills supplied by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and other San Francisco Bay Area-based digital companies. Don’t forget that the Bay Area was the birthplace of digital arts three decades ago.

But the LCAM is not simply a museum for Star Wars fans. Or some weirdo place to have holidays. In this case visitors are supposed to have a unique experience and to find many reasons to love (and better understand) art, cinema and comics: “The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum – it is also written on the offical website – will bring together the most compelling aspects of creativity, scholarship, and state-of-the-art thinking about the role of the visual arts within the larger culture. It will be a museum of objects, but even more it will be a museum of experience, and of the visual stories that have captured the American imagination for more than a century. It is a ground-breaking initiative that will provide the paradigm for museums in the 21st century”.

And last but not least, what about spending millions of dollars to transform a military base like the Presidio in a Museum? Well, we join the cause!

Do robots dream to become artists?


robotHi everybody! We’ve just say goodbye to november, shaking hands with december, waiting for new year’s eve. Waiting for the future to come.

What future? Who knows! Maybe robots know more than us, because they are becoming more and more confident with our world.

But I’m not talking about literature, films or cartoons. I’m talking about a present in which it is already present a real cooperation with robots.

Yesterday we have also said goodbye to the European Robotics Week 2013, which is a 7-days event during which various robotics activities has been organized across Europe.

Why? to highlight the growing importance of robotics in a wide variety of areas. School visits with lectures on robotics, guided tours for pupils, open labs, exhibitions, challenges, robots in action on public squares. Everything in a week.

Robotics is impacting our society. Also art has been influenced by these technologies and wants to explore this century through new means.

There are many branches of robotic art. Par example we have robotic installation art, in which artistic works are programmed to interact with the viewer.

And looking for news about this world we met ArtBots, an international robot talent show held in New York City and other cities. A show that enhanced robotic art featuring works realized by artists coming from around the world.

But we also had the chance to discover Eurobot, the international amateur robotics contest created in France.

So, a lot of stuff going on, like the installations of Ken Rinaldo, or the creations of Ximo Lizana, or the robot-dancers of Carl Pisaturo.

I could go on for hours but now I gotta go.. my friends C-3PO and R2-D2 are waiting for me!