Italians do it better…sometimes!

matì e dadà

matì e dadàNo, please. Don’t call me “fanatic” if you are not Italian. And don’t go smiling in front of a mirror if you are Italian.

I’m not going to talk about sex, not going to talk about soccer, or making some standings. I’m going to talk about art. About teaching art to children.

Maybe some of you is just thinking about clicking “Ctrl + t” and browsing somewhere else. But wait a minute and read.

Art teaching has been a part of our lives. Our, because I suppose net-surfers visiting our blog are especially art lovers. So you should understand what I mean.

Finding joy in art’s interaction is a remedy for a poor of emotions life, and first of all an ancestral feeling that we need to follow.

But why Italians do it better? Here’s an example that gives us the chance to focus on the prominence of the arts in the cultural development of people. It’s something we really want to promote.

We are glad to introduce “Rai Yo Yo”, one of the specialty channel for children owned by RAI (Radio televisione Italiana), the italian broadcasting public company.

Not a commercial! Spend few minutes watching the tv-show called “L’arte con Matì e Dadà”. Better with your children (if you have some) or young brothers and sisters.

Little eyes will be easily fascinated by the great creativity of genius like Van Gogh, Pollock, Kandinsky, Toulouse Lautrec or Bruegel.

Your children will meet Matì, the girl with a red hat, and follow her in the adventure she lives with her funny friend Dadà.

Ok, Italians do it better sounds provocative. Let’s say: “Italians do it good!”

Art is everywhere…Nathan Sawaya and his amazing LEGO sculptures

legoA studio in New York and a studio in Los Angeles. Between them an artist using more than 2.5 million colored bricks to make art!

A creative mind that realizes awesome sculptures by using LEGO bricks and combining them as nobody does in the world. His name is Nathan Sawaya.

But do not tell me I have to explain what the LEGO world represents? I will be very surprised hearing that some of you has never had a children, a father an uncle or a cousin asking for helping him to build a car, a house or other stuff just using these famous colored bricks.

Did you never spent hours and hours playing and trying to give shape to your imagination? If not, it is hard to get amazed by the level reached in this case by this…bricks!

Of course, in 1916, Ole Kirk Christiansen should have not imagined of being so blessed by hordes of children around the world for his invention.

In the beginning of the last century, the Danish entrepreneur invented and produced something new. In 1949 the first line of assembled bricks (but only in 1958 LEGO will take the actual form). Why called him LEGO? It is the italian first person of the verb “legare”, which meas to tie.

But now, thinking that at 8/9 years old, or before, I could have built my future just focusing on improving my skills with Lego…well, let me finish this article and then I will kick myself.

Anyway, is not my future that could interest you but the future of Nathan Sawaya, and maybe more the present of this oustanding interpreter of the art of sculpture.

As we said, Sawaya took LEGO into an artistic level, elevating an ordinary toy into something else. A well considered and creative personality that produce art by using useless considered objects.

You really should go visiting one of his exhibition. Par exemple, until January 5, 2014, at the Discovery Times Square in New York City “The Art of the Brick” is waiting for you.

In this case about 100 works are exposed. Pieces with a great impact as a Lego-replica of the “Scream” by Munch in colored bricks or the skeleton T-Rex (a 6 meters high prehistoric animal made ​​up with more than 80,000 pieces).

Yes, it’s true! Art is everywhere!

David Hockney, i-Pad art for staying young at 76 years old

pop artA talent like David Hockney is difficult to contain in a canvas. He’s the only person able to do it, as he demonstrated since his name began to circulate in the 60’s, in the “right” art environment.

To say that Hockney is one of the most important British artists of the recent decades often happens after reading books on the history of art written around the world.

Over the years Hockney’s works can’t be considered just a simple repetition of his abilities and I think that this feature represents an inestimable value of the works of this artist.

It is not a painter who in 2013 decided to chew and recirculate his “historical” material. He comes to terms with the present media. He picks up an I-pad at 76 years and creates something new.

And why talking about him? Because this elderly pioneer who keeps alive the youthful curiosity at the end of october opened an exhibition at the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

It is a collection of about 150 works created by the artist just using the I-pad. An exercise of “fingerpainting” carried out from 1999 to today, through portraits and landscapes.

The application used by Hockney, created by Apple software engineer Steve Sprang, is called “Brushes”, and has been already explored and dissected by many artists, illustrators and graphic artists.

But under the expert hands of David Hockney something special came out. Something I’m very happy to see. And maybe you, too! Well, you want to stay young by loving art? Take old talents as example!

We’ve been featured on France Windows Phone Store!

Today we are very proud to announce that ArtGuru – Louvre Edition has been featured on Windows Phone Store in France! Check these screens out!

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